It does not seem good to me to write about myself. Of feelings, experiences … but of myself … I prefer to leave it to someone else, to someone I know who knows me. So I asked Rob, a photographer and a friend to write a short “intro” text .. and here you have it:


Filip Mat. When I was riding a bicycle behind the barracks, I could see it. In his time he won wherever he showed up and so I was dirty in the garden after riding mostly reading about another impressive talent that magazines raved about. At that time the Internet was still a mess, you know.

Then he disappeared. I did not know that I’d ever get to know him, but only the memory of his extensive interview in DB, which was about three years ago, remained in me.

Years later, I met Philip when he began to ride seriously again.  Since then I have been following him again and he is an excellent mentor for me. His look, peace and the expertise attract everyone. Without a doubt, persistence and training, placed him in the forefront of DH racing. When I ask him for advice on my own pseudobikestyl, he does not hesitate to sacrifice words or time on the hill. Riding behind his rear wheel, I felt like a chicken. And let’s just not mention how I ended up in hospital afterwards. But I laughed at that time. The track goes with a stoic serenity without any unnecessary effects and stings. One must not forget the rhetorical question: “What if? What if he raced and had a full focus on racing? ” His life is going in a different direction, and that full focus does not come again