How to Get Rid of Weeds in The Garden

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Garden weeds what to do with them? It is not what to do with them of such; it is how to get rid of them? There is virtually no gardener who can honestly tell you they have never encountered weeds, but they can tell you what they have done to get rid of them. They may use chemicals, or organically remove them, or used natural muscle work to do the deed of removing those horribly invasive plants. The many different methods that will enable you to have a weed free garden is a matter of choice. Here is a very straightforward way to get rid of weeds in the garden.

First Step

Early weeding of the grounds is an easier way to attach weeds than waiting until you already have an established garden. You will be able to work freely without having the unpleasant experience of hurting your prized plants or flowering beds. It is also a good way to get the soil ready for planting when the time comes.

What to Do

Attach the roots of any weed you may encounter. It is best to begin there. Lopping off the heads will only give them a chance to resurface after a while. Finding the root and killing it then will eliminate any chance of then regrowing. Even a tiny bit of root is able to regrow so be sure you get it all. Achieving this is by using a very handy garden tool called a Japanese Garden Knife. If you are not able to bend so low, you may consider using a garden fork or a hoe to do the job.

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For established lawns in your garden, you may choose to use an inexpensive gas-electric string trimmer to cut your grass, and then use a portable mulcher to spread the mulch into the low grass. This will fertilize the soil as well as prevent regrowth of weeds. This is because the mulch will prevent sunlight from reaching the weeds that you were not able to kill at the roots thus; no more weeds.

Mulch in the garden and around the base of trees as well as between flower beds are excellent ways to keep weeds from regrowing. It will also add some structure to your garden, as it separates the flower beds from the lawn, as from the garden path as well. Adding stepping stones along the borders of the path is also an excellent way of keeping the mulch in place.

For new gardeners, it is important you get as much information to be had. You may ask your garden supply store for advice, you may ask helpful neighbors or you may choose to get as much information online. The Filix is an excellent source of information, and you will be able to decide which methods of the many, you feel will be workable for you.

Maintaining a garden weed-free is very possible. You just have to make up your mind to put in the work, and the results will be just as rewarding.





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